It`s time to turn the tables!

Wish to take first steps in the journey to a better health, but don't know where to start? Got some extra kilos, that make you uncomfortable in day-to-day life? Or maybe have always been smaller and weaker than people around? It's time to turn the tables and i'm willing to guide you through this process! My areas of expertise are posture&muscular imbalances, functional fitness and strength training. 

Just showing off new skills acquired outdoors, 48kg on the belt.


Gym re-opening

First photo after re-opening, still Shreddy Krueger, but could have been considerably better.Prior lockdown i was counting calories and eating clean for about 6 months with just a single meal every week that didn't fit the borders of the perfect mould of my nutrition knowledge, after gym doors got shut i lost that last bit of patience and discipline that was holding me together to be the leanest i have been in years for so long, well i guess that was a really necessary break from it to let my body and will power to recover. I'm back and ready for new heights 🥳 

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Come with me if you want to lift!

In the fitness game since 2012, because of the love for it. Lots of experience, lots of knowledge on hormonal processes, human anatomy, posture and exercise execution techniques. Whatever your goals are, i can help you to improve your health and make you fall in love with yourself forever! Although i own a PT certificate, it means nothing if you haven`t gone through at least a few thousand of workouts to understand every single movement pattern and read hundreds or even thousands of extra articles besides the studies. I live what i preach. It`s not just a hobby, it`s a lifestyle! 

Happy and successful 2020!

Felt cute, might even wear a belt and go heavier one day. Last workout this year. Hope you still have enough ambitions left from last one, cause new one won't change much ;) 

Strength training

Cardio is good and some amount is mandatory, but strength training is much more fun and has more benefits, and higher effectiveness for recompositioning the body, be it weight loss or building muscle, it can be used for both. Doesn't matter if you are a man, woman or camel ;)

Video can be viewed here:

Full house

Reaching clients goal is a priority, but making them more functional, stronger, healthier and fixing postural, muscular imbalances is not to be left behind. Video can be viewed here:

Specific sports training

Lots of people still have outdated opinion that heavy weight training is going to slow you down and won't help in sports that require speed, stamina and endurance, it can be true and can be completely false. If you mix it with plyometric/explosive training, it will give you more speed and strength than you will ever acquire by just training for your sport, here is a perfect example, only 4th time, maybe total of 10-15 minutes working on the movement and look where it already got me. Video can be viewed here:

Sunday fun-day

Sunday is just a word, don't let it limit you. Keep improving from all angles. 


Think of good nutrition and exercising as two wheels for your bicycle, you can try to balance on one wheel, but it won't be long before you fall, you can pay more attention to one wheel and leave other with half of air missing, making it harder to go forward. It's not 70% nutrition and 30% training, it's 100% nutrition and 100% training. 


Been ages since i have tried anything close to PR in any of the exercises, today was the closest. Still could have added 5-10% of weight, but is it neccessary? For who? Not for someone who doesn't compete in powerlifting or any other sport, where maximal strength output matters. Risk just outweights the benefits. It's sad to see people "ego lifting" so often, for who? Why? As i mentioned, it's fine, if it has purpose or at least the technique is in check, but quarter squatting 200kg and risking a huge injury that will follow you for rest of the life just to impress your friends? Decision is yours. Stay healthy! 


As a natural, non enhanced athlete, most important aspects of your training are the workload (volume, intensity, frequency) that you put your body through and your recovery (stress levels, sleep, genetics, nutrition, training experience). The more advanced you become, the more recovery aspect comes into play, doing volume of 25-30 total sets per workout, working on big body parts (legs, back, shoulders, chest) 3-4 times a week might be alright when you are starting out, but it for sure will take you into a cortisol and overtraining grave as the time goes on. It proved itself multiple times through my training years when following competing bodybuilders advice just won't work, at least when trying to build muscle as a natty. Going from 25 sets to 15-18 per workout has made a huge difference, i feel better, perform better, look better. I continue to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously, which didn't seem possible before. Main idea is to still train hard, but make sure you do it smart. More is often not better.

Accessory leg exercises

One for improving your athletic performance in sports that require maximal muscle contraction in shortest periods of time, like when performing a jump in basketball. Other one for your inner thigh (adductor) muscles that aren't getting much attention during big leg exercises, like squats and hip thrusts, good finisher for your leg day. 


Always focusing on perfect technique and muscle activation doesn't really allow for fast and explosive movements, but you should still find at least few minutes a day, week, a month for them, if you train slow, you become slow.

Farmers walk

 Farmers walk, it won't just prepare you for carrying all your groceries in one trip, it's also a very functional exercise that will work on every single muscle of your body, forget about doing shrugs for traps and wrist curls for forearms, add this one to your routine and you will hit them with higher efficiency while building total body strength at the same time.

Macros vs. clean eating

 Physique update. For the last couple of months i have gained complete assurance, that calorie and macro count has no meaning if you keep making bad food choices. In the last 3 months i have lost at least 5cm around my waist and my weight hasn't changed, so i'm gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, very uncommon for intermediate trainee and everybody's dream, right? This whole period i was on 3200-3400 calories per day, maybe even slightly higher numbers than in the past, but managed to lose more fat than before. Why? Because everything you eat triggers different hormonal responses and is being digested differently, for example, 100g of fries and 100g of fresh potatoes are both the same food, right? Wrong. Fries have been processed heavily and lost all their nutrients, fiber. So which do you think will be more useless for your body, have higher glycemic index and cause a bigger insulin spike, and prevent your body from burning fat? I think the answer is clear here and this goes for all the foods out there, always pick the least processed, most nutrient dense ones and your body will say, thank you, every time you look in the mirror.

Front and back lever

 Having long limbs and tall legs doesn't really help here. But consistency and continuous core development, slowly, but surely is getting me there. Hoping to reach perfect form and 10+ second holds by end of the year.

Another clients progress

I already mentioned that i love deadlifting, however, teaching it to someone else gives me even more fulfilment. I try to incorporate some variation of it in clients training programmes on their first month already, doesn't matter, male or female, and most of them have been very successful and fast learning with right tips and advices, as i believe any weight training routine should be based around this exercise. He's performing it only for the 2nd time in his life and his form is already close to perfect. 

My transformation

I have done “Personal trainer level 3” studies in England and have dedicated hundreds of hours acquiring information and educating myself prior and after that. Here is some insight into how it all started. I turned to advanced body weight training in 2012, and lifted my first barbells and dumbbells in 2014. Very quickly during my early training months i dropped all my unhealthy habits and despite people having mixed opinions , like, he is just wasting his time, he is so skinny, weak etc. i kept on pushing, sometimes isolating myself from friends and partying, just to get enough time to get outside to do couple of pull ups and push ups. This feeling of challenging myself and , somewhat, being different from the crowd, made me feel proud and even more satisfied with each day spent working out. After just one year of training, my appearance, confidence, energy levels and peoples perception of me, had changed drastically. It strengthened my belief in myself and the path i`ve chosen. Healthy lifestyle for me became an obsession that still follows me to this day! My goal is to make more people to fall in love with this way of life and to make the world around them more positive, like it once did for me and continues doing it!

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