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My transformation

I have done “Personal trainer level 3” studies in England and have dedicated hundreds of hours acquiring information and educating myself prior and after that. Here is some insight into how it all started. I turned to advanced body weight training in 2012, and lifted my first barbells and dumbbells in 2014. Very quickly during my early training months i dropped all my unhealthy habits and despite people having mixed opinions , like, he is just wasting his time, he is so skinny, weak etc. i kept on pushing, sometimes isolating myself from friends and partying, just to get enough time to get outside to do couple of pull ups and push ups. This feeling of challenging myself and , somewhat, being different from the crowd, made me feel proud and even more satisfied with each day spent working out. After just one year of training, my appearance, confidence, energy levels and peoples perception of me, had changed drastically. It strengthened my belief in myself and the path i`ve chosen. Healthy lifestyle for me became an obsession that still follows me to this day! My goal is to make more people to fall in love with this way of life and to make the world around them more positive, like it once did for me and continues doing it!