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Macros vs. clean eating

 Physique update. For the last couple of months i have gained complete assurance, that calorie and macro count has no meaning if you keep making bad food choices. In the last 3 months i have lost at least 5cm around my waist and my weight hasn't changed, so i'm gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, very uncommon for intermediate trainee and everybody's dream, right? This whole period i was on 3200-3400 calories per day, maybe even slightly higher numbers than in the past, but managed to lose more fat than before. Why? Because everything you eat triggers different hormonal responses and is being digested differently, for example, 100g of fries and 100g of fresh potatoes are both the same food, right? Wrong. Fries have been processed heavily and lost all their nutrients, fiber. So which do you think will be more useless for your body, have higher glycemic index and cause a bigger insulin spike, and prevent your body from burning fat? I think the answer is clear here and this goes for all the foods out there, always pick the least processed, most nutrient dense ones and your body will say, thank you, every time you look in the mirror.